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The ZEUS Vortex is a large size grinder. With a 6cm diameter and a 6.5cm height, the ZEUS Vortex is a desktop item grinder, making it a perfect item for localized roam type Quests. Just like its younger brother the ZEUS Bolt, it too is a four-piece grinder., though its lid is held securely in place via a sequences of threads. The ZEUS Vortex is comprised of three chambers, each of which serves to filter and separate your grind. The center chamber connects to the bottom chamber via an ultra-fine stainless steel mesh screen that catches botanical dust for future use, preventing waste and ensuring maximum efficiency. The robust threaded connection ensures each chamber securely screws together to seal your botanical within. The ZEUS Vortex is the only grinder in he the ZEUS Grinder Line to offer a clear top lid and rotary handle. The Vortex is an ideal choice for stationary, long vaporizing sessions and is thus an ideal companion for stationary vaporizers.

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      • Surprised how good it works compared to other crank style grinders that have broken on me in the past. I think this is a great travel grinder because its screwed together and stays together unlike most magenta style lids that fall off.


      • Practically flawless. Effortless grinding. Bottom below screen catches everything. No stick.


  • Weight 160g
    Dimensions 6.5 x 6 x 6 cm

    Aircraft Grade Anodized Aluminum (AGAA)

  • All items in the ZEUS Grinder line come with a lifetime warranty. The warranty is only valid and enforceable in the country of purchase. Warranty includes all attached parts, craftsmanship and structural integrity. To obtain warranty service, the item must be warranty approved by and returned to an authorized distributor. If the alleged defect does not classify under the warranty policy, the item will not be accepted for warranty service. Warranty does not cover physical damage, normal wear and tear, user manuals or packaging. Warranty is null and void if the item has been modified or dismantled or if the item has been exposed to moisture, corrosion or oxidation. Warranty is also null and void if the item contains any illegal substances. Warranty is not enforceable if the item is damaged due to improper cleaning and maintenance. All claims for warranty require 1) the product and 2) the original proof of purchase, indicating the name and address of the seller, date and place of purchase and product type.

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