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The ZEUS Smite Plus is the new and improved, upgraded model of the Smite Vaporizer. It is an exquisite, compact vaporizer designed to offer portability, incredible convenience, extreme discretion and maximum efficiency. Upgraded with premium features including precise temperature control an LED digital display and battery life indicator, the ZEUS Smite Plus is also entirely self-contained, boasting an internal mouthpiece storage compartment. The exterior shell of the Smite Plus is made of premium anodized aluminum, which is both sleek and durable. Approximately 10.4cm tall, 6cm long, 2.2cm wide and weighing in at approximately 185 g, the Smite Plus is powered by an incredibly strong, second generation , long-lasting Li-Ion battery that offers approximately 2 hours of continuous vaporization! Customize your vapor quality with the Smite Plus’s precise temperature control anywhere in its wide range of 40 °C – 222 °C and keep tabs on your battery life with the LED screen’s 4 bar battery indicator. Super-efficient and incredibly convenient to load, use and maintain, the ZEUS Smite Plus offers premium features at an affordable price for easy, satisfying, on-the-go vaporizing.

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    • ZEUS Smite Plus Vaporizer
    • Mouthpiece
    • Charger
    • Cleaning Brush
    • Packing Tool
    • 2x Spare Screens
    • Instruction Manual
    • Reviews

      • “The Smite Plus has a ceramic heater with quality that can only be found on units twice the price, the highest quality LG battery (which most manufacturers try to save cost on), a variable temp display and a defect rate lower than most units manufactured in the west! Don't take my word for it, Google "Smite Vaporizer Problems," then do the same thing for another unit you're considering and compare the results. The quality of ZEUS products is superior."


      • “I love the Smite Plus for its compact size and digital display. This unit is really the perfect choice for the true connoisseur on the go, like me. I cansneak in the perfect session pretty much anywhere and I'm never worried about if it's going to die when I'm out and about because I can check the battery life so easily. Plus, it's so much more affordable than other portables with the same features, making it a no brainer.”


  • Weight 185g
    Dimensions 10.4 x 6 x 2.2cm

    Premium Anodized Aluminum, Ceramic Heating Chamber

  • The ZEUS Smite Plus comes with a 1-year warranty that covers all manufacturer’s defects.

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