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The ZEUS Purify Kit offers all the support items you need for the regular care and maintenance of your unit, including: Multi-Purpose Cleaner, Bristle Pipe Cleaners and Grime Sticks. Made of potent detergents, chelating agents and alkaline builders, the aqueous Multi-Purpose Cleaner offers 12 oz. of powerful, deep cleaning for all glass, ceramic and plastic surfaces. Use the Grime Sticks in fragile areas and for a light clean; each Grime Stick package includes 20 sticks. Bristle Pipe Cleaners are ideal for removing tough residue buildup in tight places; each Bristle Pipe Cleaner bundle includes 20 pipes.

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      • I tried using this with our vape parts and it worked just wonderfully! Since you are to mix the liquid with water this is a pretty good size. Would buy again and recommend!


  • Purify Solution

    Ingredients Detergents, Chelating Agents, Alkaline Builders

    Bristle Pipe Cleaners

    Material Cotton

    Grime Sticks

    Material Cotton Swabs + ethyl alcohol

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