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The ZEUS Iceborn is revolutionary new accessory item that works with almost every vaporizer to dramatically cool down and improve your vapor through ice filtration. Designed in Germany and manufactured from high quality, durable components, the Iceborn is approximately 11cm tall and 8.6cm in diameter. A much more convenient alternative to typical water filtration devices, the Iceborn provides much cooler and smoother vapor, allowing longer and deeper draws for bigger clouds, and is more efficient than water filtration devices that loose much of your vapor’s essential oils during filtration. A must-have accessory item for every connoisseur that offers an unparalleled vaporizing experience, the Iceborn enhances your vapor quality in a compact, sexy and mess free package.

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    • Critic Reviews

      • The Iceborn changed the game for me. I never cough while using it and the combination of the Iceborn and the Smite Plus is out of this world. I wish all vapor was this smooth and chilled, all the time.

        Holly Jane B

      • When I first heard of the Iceborn, I was eager for the massive sub zero clouds and to show it off to my friends, but I was pretty skeptical that I would use it to enhance every vape session. Now I realize I’m always stoked to get back home from work so I can test out the Iceborn again. As Helen Keller once said, ‘the best things in the world cannot be seen or even touched; they must be felt.’ The vapor quality of any vaporizer used with the Iceborn is just unreal.

        Milad G

  • Weight 223g
    Dimensions 11cm x 8.6cm x 8.6cm

    Durable food grade plastic, Aluminum, Silicone

  • The ZEUS Iceborn comes with a lifetime replacement warranty. This warranty does not cover improper handling, misuse, physical damage, loss, theft, confiscation, breakage and natural wear and tear. The silicone rubber whips, whip sleeves and silicone rubber washers are considered as wear & tear parts and will need to be replaced regularly. Wear and tear parts are not covered under warranty. Any additional warranty claims issued by the customer will be excluded. The instruction manual regarding proper use and handling of the product is binding. ZEUS shall not assume any liability for problems or damages arising from non-compliance with the instruction manual. All units submitted for warranty become the property of ZEUS. In order to receive warranty support, proof of purchase from an authorized retailer must be provided.

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