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Appreciate the art of vaporizing with precise utility items. Vaporizing Masters far and wide agree that grind type and consistency are two critical components of the vaporizing experience. The ideal grind is mid-fine, fine enough to expose the largest possible surface area possible but thick enough to not slip through a vaporizer screen. This ideal mid-fine consistency allows hot air to evenly wrap around botanical fibers and efficiently extract essential oils. With diamond sharpened teeth and precise alignment, ZEUS Grinders have been perfectly calibrated to offer this ideal grind specifically for vaporization purposes. Made of indestructible Aircraft Grade Anodize Aluminum (AGAA), ZEUS Grinders are mighty strong against scratches and tooth damage, yet light enough for transportability. With two sizes to choose from: Bolt and Vortex, each ZEUS Grinder serves a unique purpose in your Quest. Collect them all.

    ZEUS Grinders
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