Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use anything with my ZEUS items?

    The ZEUS Thunder Vaporizer and its accessories can only be used with oil, dust and wax. All other ZEUSArsenal items can be used with the botanical of your choice.
  • Can I buy ZEUS items at my local shop?

    ZEUS items can be purchased at the ZEUS Arsenal Shop or from Authorized Distributors. The ZEUS Thunder is the only ZEUS item that can be found in stores. Ask your local shop for the Thunder and its accessories.
  • How can I clean my ZEUS items?

    ZeusArsenal items should be cleaned with care to ensure longevity. Use the Zeus Purify Kit for all of your maintenance and care needs. Harsh cleaners like rubbing alcohol will damage surfaces over time and are not recommended.
  • How do I contact ZEUS Customer Service?

    Contact ZEUS via email at: All requests will be addressed within 24 business hours. Alternatively you may contact the authorized distributor you purchased your item from.
  • Is ZEUS available outside of North America?

    ZeusArsenal items are currently only available for purchase in the US and Canada. ZEUS is not currently available in the UK, Europe, Latin America, Australia, Asia or Africa.

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