Nima Portrait
Nima, CEO

Forced to flee his war-torn country as a child, Nima searched far and wide for a country he could call home. He found sanctuary in Canada, where his mind, body and spirit could be free from the shackles of creative oppression. It is here where Nima could couple his childhood passion for Greek mythology with his new found identity as a connoisseur, through the birth of ZEUSArsenal line. He derives pleasure from the nourishment of lobster-pasta and by serving like-minded connoisseurs in their own quest for trance.

Vivian Portrait
Vivian, Designer

Vivian is a mystical mortal who is skilled beyond her years in visual imagery, design and graphic co-ordination. A true purist, she adheres to the strictest standard for herself, and strives to reach Demi-goddess status through her work. Vivian’s exquisite taste for the finest of computer programs is only rivaled by her never-ending quest for the universe’s premium steak.

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